Cider Trail 
Don't forget to pick your favourite Cider or Perry in the Cider Trail. Taste test the cider & perrys on offer and help crown the Cider Trail winner, You can win to!

Enter you favourites in the Cider trail and you could win a case of mixed ciders for yourself!

The Brogdale Artisan Cider Bar
This year Brogdale will be offering its own Artisan Cider bar. With a number delicious craft and artisan ciders on offer there's going to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Always Drink Responsibly
Turners Cider Bar
Turners make craft cider in the Eastern Counties style with 100% Kentish apples. They source their apples from the village of Marden, pressing the apples between September and Christmas, leaving them to ferment until Spring, when they carefully taste and blend the different batches. The resulting cider is clean, light and refreshing, with a balance of sweetness and acidity. A must try at this year’s Cider Festival.
Duddas Tun Cider Bar
Keep your eye out for their unique Dudda’s Tun Bar, hand-made on the farm in Doddington, Kent, from old bushel boxes, and sign-written by a local artist. Multi-award winning Dudda’s Tun will be serving a range of their most popular farm-made ciders, as well new varieties, available for the first time this year! From crisp, dry ciders, to sumptuously smooth fruity ciders you will be sure to find a delicious cider to please any palate.

The Woolly Pig Cider Bar
Woolly Pig is a true artisan cider, made by hand in small batches here on site at Brogdale and sold fresh from the barrel through Tiddly Pomme in the Marketplace. Using apples from the National Fruit Collection orchards it is authentically Kentish in character, using only dessert & culinary fruit, with a light apple (or pear) wine taste rather than a West Country-style scrumpy.  Woolly Pig comes in medium and dry, but there will be seasonal specials for the cider festival, including cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant and elderflower.

Kentish Pip Cider Bar
Kentish pip blend a mix of dessert apples with a selection of cider apples that are chosen for attributes such as their tannin content. It is the sharpness, a little tannin and bitter combined with a degree of sweetness that makes for a delightful sensory experience. Kentish Pip have now planted their own cider orchards with varieties specially designed to provide the perfect blend for you to enjoy.
Kent Cider Co. Bar
The Kent Cider Company produces ciders with depth, unique flavours and finishes. Flavours that offer an alternative to wine and represent the seasons, complimenting different foods that can be enjoyed in their own right at home or in the pub. They also produce oak matured (for a minimum of 12 months) ciders. Talk to the makers when you get your pint at the festival, you will most definitely learn something too!
Biddenden Cider Bar
Biddenden’s Kent apple ciders offer an excellent alternative to other alcoholic drinks with their strong, still cider, made from farm pressed Kentish culinary and dessert apples. Available in sweet, medium or dry these ciders will quench your thirst in the heat of our summer festival. They also produce sparkling ciders; bottle fermented by the traditional method to produce a dry, fruity taste.
Hush Heath Eastate
Hush Heath Estate crafts small batches of traditional method Jake's Orchard ciders  which are named after the producer’s son, Jake. These unique ciders are made from 100% pure apple juice from apples handpicked on the estates 30 acres of orchards. Hush Heath Estates vision is creating wines and ciders that embody the Garden of England.

Don't forget to pick your favourite Cider or Perry in the Cider Trail. Taste test the ciders and help crown the winner (You can win to!)